Observation: Turnagain

Location: Corn Biscuit Ridge - Glide activity

Route & General Observations

Toured up the West ridge of Cornbuscuit, large glide crack looks ready to release

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

OPENING GLIDE CRACK on the Southwest face of Cornbuscuit at 2,400' ish .... See video. This crack was moving slowly while watching it - we though we would see it release, but no dice. These things are definitely eerie....

Very minor, and stubborn, cracking on the ridgeline - see photo. This was a 4" hard wind slab.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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In-and-out clouds and fog. We had everything from obscured skies, sun and snowfall. Winds were light from the East - just enough on the ridge to fill in some of our tracks. Temperatures were mild - mid 20's F.

Snow surface

Roughly 6" of new medium density snow above treeline (2" of wet snow below treeline). This is quickly settling and soft in sheltered areas. The winds have redistributed much of this above treeline where mostly soft wind drifted snow can be found along with harder wind drifted snow on the ridge proper.

Low elevations - below 1,200' - sport crusty surfaces.


We dug two pits. One at 2,200' and one at 3,000'. Both of these showed good stability. We dug where there was soft wind drifted snow and could not produce results. We were looking for wind slab issues and any buried surface hoar - found non reactive wind slab and no buried surface hoar.

Photos & Video
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