Observation: Turnagain

Location: Corn Biscuit

Route & General Observations

Fun day to see a lot in the snow.

Wx obs: Around 30-40cm of nice low density powder from the Sun/Mon storm. Skies
mostly sunny with a mid-level cloud. Very light winds from the east.

Snow/Avalanche obs:
1 – Large avalanche near Grandaddy Peak (west facing) likely triggered by a
large cornice fall during the storm on Sunday 2/26. Weak layer is a question mark.

2 – Natural point releases triggered a few small storm snow shallow slabs during the
tail end of the storm Monday 2/27.

3 – Sun effect on the south upper aspects of Corn Biscuit today ~3pm. Radiation
recrystalization seemed to be occurring and snow was becoming damp 2cm under the
surface. Easy to initiate moist push-a-lanches on slopes around 40 deg.

4 – Easy human triggered dry sluffs on slopes steeper than 38 deg.

5 – The old/new interface (~30-40cm down) had moderate planar shears with little
to no energy.

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