Observation: Summit

Location: Colorado

Route & General Observations

Sunny day in Summit which gave us great visibility to see a few smaller avalanches that likely released on wind loaded slopes. Steep southern facing slopes had a few wet loose avalanches that look like they released today. We skinned up to 2800′ on Colorado to see how the President’s Day crust/facets were adjusting to the 5″ of storm snow. We did find surface hoar about 5″ deep from the road to 2,800′. Overall, our pit tests did not give us concerning results. That being said we are uncertain if these weak layers are more concerning in other parts of Summit.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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A few clouds provided occasional shade but overall, it was sunny and warm. Winds were mostly calm with a few light breezes.

Snow surface

Storm totals averaged around 5". A sun crust was present on south and east aspects which disappeared around 1,600'. The snow up to 2,800' was not wind affected.


From the road to 2,800' surface hoar was breaking ~5" deep with one shooting crack around 6' long. This will be a layer we track as more snow falls on top of it. The President's Day crust/facet combo was around 1' deep and did not give us concerning results in our pit at 2,300'. There is weak snow between the crust and below it that were more rounded than last week. At 2,400' the crust disappeared. Keep in mind our pit info correlates to a very small area and that more information needs to be collected for us to correlate Summit's snowpack stability.

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