Observation: Summit

Location: Colorado

Route & General Observations

Toured up Colorado @ 11am with the goal to get eyes on the thanksgiving crust/facet combo, try and find buried surface hoar, and investigate surface conditions to treeline.
Found great powder in the trees!!

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Scattered clouds in the morning, increasing to overcast in the afternoon. Temps at the car were in the single digits, increasing to the teens in the afternoon @ 3000' - slight inversion
Calm to light winds from the NNW with trace snowfall in the afternoon, mostly graupel

Snow surface

Observed widespread 4-6mm surface hoar until ~2000' where it was more patchy, mostly limited to sheltered areas, and mixed in with near-surface facets (0.3-0.5mm)
Above ~2500' and in more exposed areas, wind effect was fairly widespread with breakable crust (5-10cm thick) and hard supportable slabs


Dug pits in two locations
Pit location 1: 2250' E aspect, snow depth 110cm
Pit location 2: 2900' E aspect, snow depth 97cm (variable depths probed at treeline, from 100cm-50cm between E and ESE aspects)
Overall found poor structure and good stability at the two pit locations
Pit profiles and test results below

Photos & Video
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