Observation: Summit

Location: Colorado

Route & General Observations

Started at the parking lot at 3 pm. 36°, hazy/ overcast with sun poking through, scattered snowflakes, and gusts from the East. Felt like a spring snowpack down by the highway – heavy, and as the obs from Manitoba yesterday put it, an “unfun crust.” Little rollerballs. Followed the skin track up, started seeing wind effect around 2,100’ and then a punchy layer 2,300’ and up (no whumpfing), although snow was surprisingly soft. Gusts from the East picked up around 4 pm into sustained winds. Saw some localized cracking on the skin track – not sure how old those were (another party earlier this afternoon? yesterday?). Turned around at about 2,800’. Real fun skiing up top, “unfun crust” down low. Back at the parking lot 5:15 pm. 32° and overcast, no accumulation noted.

Photos & Video
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