Observation: Turnagain

Location: Center Ridge

Route & General Observations

Time: 11:00 AM – 4:20 PM

Route: Seattle Ridge, up the standard SE aspect and then south on the ridge to Warm-Up bowl. Quick
lap down a NW aspect in that bowl, then up and out the up-track.

Weather: Overcast skies changing to broken by afternoon; temperature 5-10f with light North or NE
winds just along the ridge line.

Snowpack: Below treeline, 1-2cm surface hoar sits on 5-10cm of facets, on top of a stout crust. Above
treeline, 3-6mm surface hoar sits on 5-15cm of fist hard facets, over a hard layer or crust. Surface
hoar was present along the entire route, even the ridge, but it always sat on fist hard facets.

Overall, the snowpack and surface hoar appears unchanged by recent winds along the route.

Instability: No cracking, collapsing, or recent avalanche activity. No wind slabs as a surface layer along
the route.

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