Observation: Turnagain

Location: Center Ridge Trees

Route & General Observations

Taking care of an injured knee so we took a mellow walk in the woods toward the center ridge weather station to get some of the wiggles out. Didn’t quite make it to the weather station, dug a pit then skinned back out more or less along our in-track.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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High overcast with a fog layer. Snowing light mid day, a shot of heavier snow then clearing up late afternoon becoming high broken skies. Mild temps in the high 20s, calm winds.

Snow surface

New low density, stellar precip particles. Supportable and generally good surface conditions.


Dug a pit with a hand hardness profile and stability tests, see below for profile. Generally right side up to the depth of our pit. We found three distinct crusts that we attribute to the New Years Crusts triple deck sandwhich, above that we found the mid January melt-freeze, finally above we found the 1/25 drizzle crust about 45cm down. There appeared to be an interface approx. 30cm down, above the 1/25 crust that popped on hard effort in our shovel shear to isolate the first column, but had no results in later more formal tests. CTN ECTX

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