Observation: Turnagain

Location: Center Ridge

Route & General Observations

Took a walk-about on Center Ridge and dug a practice pit on a North aspect at 2200ft.

Red Flags
Red flags are simple visual clues that are a sign of potential avalanche danger. Please record any sign of red flags below.
Obvious signs of instability
Recent Avalanches?Yes
Collapsing (Whumphing)?No
Cracking (Shooting cracks)?No
Observer Comments

older (dec 24-25th?) natural avalanche crowns seen a few hundred vert ft below Tincan Proper, and every single chute on the south side of Tincan Ridge and north side Sunburst Ridge had small debris piles at the bottom. Some crowns seen from afar on various peaks between Kickstep and Pastoral.
No whumpfs or cracks along all of Center Ridge.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.
Snow surface

Variable surfaces throughout, but actually a good amount of soft snow slabs (not wind beaten hard) on any north-ish aspect. Made turns down 200 vert ft north aspect because we could, perfect meadow skipping. Ankle to shin deep soft wind deposited snow.


No surprises in pit results, same as everyone else has been getting for past 48 hrs. Big slab over 2 different December BSH layer, and ground level facets. Slab is very supportive and snowpack is not very reactive.

North Aspect 2200ft
HS 155 cm
ECTP 21, Q2
ECTP 22, Q2
CT 28
Rutschblock N=4 Q3