Observation: Seward

Location: Carter lake

Route & General Observations

Sleded up at 11am to about 1800ft, skinned to 2400 before digging a pit.
145cm total snow pack at that elevation, top 10cm of wind consolidated storm snow gave a CT9 but was unreactive during any of my skiing. What I’m guessing is the Thanksgiving layer is about 40cm up from the ground and didn’t react in CT test but sheared easy when isolates colum is pulled on, otherwise snow between was one finger to pencil firm of quilty consolidated snow. No red flags observed or recent activity in my travel, having skied one run from 2800 off north side to 2200 and one on southeast side from 2800 back to the sled. Still needs foot plus of snow to fill in the brush on anything below 2000 but the ski quality was good with top several inches being soft and enjoyable.

Photos & Video
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