Avalanche: Seward

Location: Carter Lake

Route & General Observations

We snowmachined up to Carter Lake looking for avalanche activity and to see how widespread the firm, wind effected snow was from last week’s winds. We saw a few glide cracks and one glide avalanche on our trip across Crescent Lake. In most places the wind had formed firm slabs (breakable in a snowmachine) that were beginning to facet. We dug one pit at 2440′ which did not give us any alarming results. We need a snow reset.

Avalanche Details
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Avalanche Details

3 glide cracks and one glide avalanche on a southeast face of Peak 5135' at 1600' along Cresent Lake. The glide avalanche is not filled in with windblown snow so it may be a little more recent.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies and calm winds. There was an inversion in place with below zero temps at the car and pleasant temps in the low teens higher up.

Snow surface

Along Carter and Crescent Lake, the snow was soft and sugary where it was not tracked. Higher up it was pretty wind hammered with a breakable wind slab that averaged 3-6" thick. The top to the wind slab was faceting.


We dug a pit at 2440' on a E aspect. Total snow depth in our pit was 95cm. Overall, we did not see anything concerning in our pit and the snow exhibited poor structure but good stability. There was a layer of broken surface hoar below a 3" wind slab down 3" that collapsed on a CT12 result, ECTX. This may become a concern after we receive another load on top of it. Snow near the ground was firm and moist. The Thanksgiving crust was very hard to detect. In its place there was a layer of facets around 10" thick.

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