Observation: Summit

Location: Canyon Creek Pillar and Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Postholed down to Canyon Creek Pillar in afternoon to climb ice near Hope Y. Toured Tenderfoot in the evening. Noticed a large avalanche on NE aspect of Frenchy that I had not seen Wednesday with a crown that appeared pretty well defined. Loose avalanches on Northerly aspects in bowl on Butch that were fresh.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Large natural avalanche at ~3000' on NE aspect of Frenchy that had a well defined crown. May not have seen previously while driving road and just noticed it at a pullout with a better vantage point. Dry loose in steep rocky areas on Northerly aspects in bowl on Butch at around 3000'.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Low 40s F at top of Canyon Creek Pillar at ~700' in afternoon, 20s F on Tenderfoot in evening. Clear skies. No precipitation. Light winds.

Snow surface

Snow near Canyon Creek Pillar (near Hope Y junction) at ~700' changed from boot top penetration at 1 pm to knee to thigh deep penetration at 4 pm on solar S and E aspects. Boot penetration on N and W aspects was generally supportable at 1 pm, changing to ankle deep by 4 pm. The top 1' of the snowpack on S and E solar aspects was wet, developed melt freeze grains, with large corn grains in the top few inches. The top 4" of the snowpack on N and W aspects was a moist melt freeze crust on N and W aspects.

Tenderfoot: 1-3" of near surface facets on N and W aspects from 1400'-2800'. Above 2800' the snow became more variable and crusty. We skied part of a Southerly aspect at around 2500' that ranged from stout melt freeze crust on lower angle surfaces to soft and melted melt freeze crust in steeper areas more affected by the sun.


Not observed

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