Observation: Summit

Location: Butcher Mt

Route & General Observations

Mostly cloudy
Temps in the low to mid 30s F
Calm to light winds out of the East
No precip

Obvious Signs Of Instability
1 skier triggered dry sluff, initiated in upper 30 degree terrain, ran ~300
vertical, slow moving, low to medium volume

Snowpack obs
Surfaces that had not gotten direct sun over the past 2 and a half weeks were
holding 3-10” of faceted snow.

Small (5mm) surface hoar found in pockets between 1,500-4,000’

Dug at 3,000 to look at structure. All of the snow prior to March’s storm snow
(30cm facets), is in effect one massive crust (80 cm knife hardness). (see
simple pit profile)

Cornices are large and looming above many slopes on multiple aspects. (see photo)

Snowpack is becoming very thin in many locations (see photo)

All slopes with a northerly component are holding weak snow and very good riding

Photos & Video
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