Observation: Summit

Location: Butch

Route & General Observations

Started from the pullout at 11:15am. 12° F, calm, high ceiling of overcast clouds, hazy sun, flat lighting. 2-3 inches of ski penetration with a barely supportable crust below. At 1600 ft elevation probed the snowpack at 135 cm deep, with a noticeable (rain?) crust 15 cm down. At the bench (1900 ft) started noting variable snowpack on flat areas and noting wind skim, but no whumpfing or shooting cracks. At 1900 ft probed the snowpack at 145 cm deep with a crust 20 cm deep. Above the alders, noted a breeze coming from the south. At top of treeline (2500 ft) probed 165 cm deep. Good soft snow away from the wind crust, a little fun alder bashing. Back down at 2:15pm, a balmy 27° F!

Photos & Video
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