Observation: Summit

Location: Birch Trees/Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Field Observations

Obvious signs of unstable snow
Collapsing-yes. Medium sized collapse @2,300′ on East aspect (see video)
No recent avalanches observed
No shooting cracks observed

Light snowfall, less than 1cm/hr
Moderate temps in the high 20s F
Winds light
Poor visibility

Current Problems
Wind Slabs in higher elevations. We encountered shallow slabs, less than 8″,
that were collapsible. This issue is not present in the lower elevations or on
sheltered slopes.

Future Problems
The snow surface was comprised of a skiff of new snow sitting on near surface
facets (NSF). Below the NSF are crusts and thin slabs. All areas we checked
out had facets below these crusts and slabs as well (see video). Any future
loading will be a concern, even if new snow is able to bond to the current snow

Photos & Video
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