Avalanche: Turnagain

Location: Bertha Creek/Lipps

Route & General Observations

On Sunday, 1/22/2016 we skied a north facing chute into Bertha Creek and a south facing chute into Lipps. Two pits in Bertha Creek:

1) N aspect, 3000 feet, 35 degrees, top of chute apron. Height of snow 150 cm, height of pit 100 cm. ECTN12 at storm snow interface. CT28 Q3 under last weekend’s snow.

2) Higher in same run. 3400 feet. Angle 40 degrees. Height of pit: 100 cm. ECTN8 under new snow. ECTN25 under last weekend’s snow.

Repeated ski cutting in N facing chute produced no results. Low volume sloughing there.

As described below, soft slab avalanche with ski cut on south facing terrain into Lipps.

Dreamy soft evening light and sunset :)

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SkierRemote Trigger0
Avalanche Type Soft SlabAspect South
Elevation 3600ftSlope Angle 40deg
Crown Depth 12inWidth 100ft
Vertical Run 500ft  
Avalanche Details

Dropping south into Spokane Creek, ski cut triggered slide broke at feet and slid to low angle apron. Slide did not propagate across entire chute, nor did rest of chute slide upon further ski cutting. Slab broke on noticeably harder wind board surface underlying storm snow. This hard and unstable bed surface was similar to that observed on south aspect of Cornbiscuit the previous day.

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