Observation: Turnagain

Location: Bertha Creek

Route & General Observations

Turnagain pass to low pass @ the head of Bertha Creek (east of Granddaddy)

Temps: 3 F @ 1,000′ @ 11am and 13 F by 4pm.
Low 20’sF @ ridgetops
Wind: Calm
Sky: Sunny
Precip: None

Obvious Signs Of Instability
Recent Avalanches- NO
Shooting Cracks- NO
Collapsing – NO

Surface Obs –
1,500-2,000’- Impressively HUGE Surface hoar averaging 1”+. Generally 2-4”
of snow on the ground.
2,000-3,000’- Surface hoar becoming smaller, mixed with Near Surface Facets,
5-10cm thick layer
3,000-4,100’ –Pockets of wind effected snow. Surface comprised of low
density mixed forms and near surface facets (1-2mm).
Small wet loose slides were observed initiating at rock outcroppings on direct southern slopes.

Snow Below the Surface:
Dug in at 3,900’ on a NNW aspect. Height of snow was 200cm. I found no
obvious layers of concern in the top 1-meter of the snowpack (besides the
surface which has the potential to act as our next weak layer). Generally
right side up 1F slab over pencil hard slab. Top 5-10cm consisted of mixed
forms and near surface facets. ECTX.
We skied a steeper (40 degree) SW facing slope and experienced fast moving,
low volume sluffing. This was a very predictable and manageable problem.
South facing slopes we traveled on were still harboring dry snow but that
being said the sun was intense and it seems only a matter of time before we
begin to see widespread suncrusts on direct South-facing slopes. Some
intermittent wind effect noticed within the Bertha Creek drainage and it
looked more apparent on the south-facing slopes of Corn Biscuit.
A very pleasant day in the backcountry and it seems the majority of terrain
has not been affected by the wind…. Yet.

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