Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Below Friendship Pass

Route & General Observations

Mellow low angle tour up from Independence Mine just to see what conditions were like. Snow surface was variable from deep powder near Gold Cord Mine to breakable wind crust above 4200ft or so.

Multiple large whoomphs and shooting cracks were observed above 4000 ft so we dug a pit in a representative area. Snowpack was weak with poor structure and high propagation potential. Highly reactive soft slab of about 25cm sitting on a 15cm layer of unconsolidated large sugary facets. Pit results and video below:

SW aspect on a 25 degree slope
Weather was clear, calm and 7 degrees at 4375ft.

Snow depth 105cm
4 finger new snow 105-95cm
Fist new snow 95-90
4 finger new snow 90-80
*** Fist facets 80-65 (weak layer)
4finger facets 65-45
1finger facet 45 to ground

Test results: ECTP 9 on large facets layer 25cm deep.

Kept out of avy terrain due to red flags and highly reactive pit results

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Forecaster Comments

Pictures were added after observation was entered. They show recent natural avalanche activity near Friendship Pass which likely occurred during the 12/9 wind event.

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