Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Arctic Valley

Route & General Observations

Travelled up SW aspect leading to Summit Nike Missile Control Site.

Generally very variable snow conditions ranging from 1’ deep wind blown powder to crust that was hard to get an edge on (not icy though). Strong winds and wind loading observed. Light snow <1cm/hr.

Pit dug at ~3100’ on ~26 degree SW aspect. Snowpack generally right side up with hardness ranging from fist for the top ~2” to one finger at bottom. 2 harder layers observed in top ~1’ of snowpack with pencil hardness (freezing rain crust overlying light snowfall overlying firm crust from weeks of no snow??). Hardness around 4 finger – 1 finger at base of snow (ground). ECTp13, ~8” deep propagation along week layer below (interpreted) freezing rain crust.