Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Archangel Valley

Route & General Observations

We took a snowmachine ride out Archangel Valley to assess post-storm conditions with good visibility. We saw numerous loose avalanches as well as slab avalanches on all aspects in the mid and upper elevations. Several slabs propagated widely across slopes and cross-loaded gullys, incorporating snow from the most recent storm that left behind over 20 inches in some locations.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Warming of surface snow on south facing aspects was shedding small avalanches in steep terrain.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Upper elevations stayed below freezing, while at mid and lower elevations the temperature was closer to 40F degrees. Calm winds and scattered clouds. Yesterdays storm ended around 8PM and added up to 22 inches of new snow to the upper elevations.

Snow surface

Soft snow surfaces with 16 to 22 inches of recent accumulations. Early in the storm strong south/southeast winds transported old snow to leeward aspects. Later in the afternoon warming of the surface snow caused small loose wet avalanches in some isolated locations. Surface melting made the snow somewhat heavy and sticky and allowed for proper settlement.


Loose avalanches may continue to shed themselves with warming sun and increased temperatures. We saw remnants of several mid-storm slab avalanches which entrained the recent snow but no new avalanches stepping-down into deeper layers. Slick crusts below the new snow may have been the catalyst for some of these propagating slab avalanches seen today.

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