Observation: Turnagain

Location: ~50m below ridge on Repear Offender

Route & General Observations

Location: Repeat Offender

Weather: Temps in the mid-20’s, wind calm, descent visibility with increasing
cloud cover and warming temperatures throughout the tour.

Obvious Signs Of Instability:

Recent Avalanches-No
Shooting Cracks-No
Collapsing – No
Whomphing – No

Surface Observations:

Below Treeline (Alders): Shallow snowpack mostly < 50cm.
Below Ridge on Seattle Ridge Up-track: Variable with pockets of snow < 50cm to
observation pit at 120cm. No new snow noted at any elevation.

Observation at Pit dug 50m below ridgeline on Repeat Offender:

Pit dug immediately below small outcrop of tree’s protected from skier impaction.
Aspect ENE
Slope Angle 35 degree
HS 120cm. Buried surface hoar layer intact though inconsistent or variable ~
60cm below the surface. Buried surface hoar layer sitting on 2-3cm rain crust
which is sitting on layer of 1F snow. The snow sitting on top of buried surface
hoar is a somewhat cohesive windslab at this elevation/aspect though is
minimally reactive to buried surface hoar layer.

Test Results: All tests failed above the crust that supported this buried
surface hoar layer at 60cm below the snow surface. Tests results were CTN(?),
CT11SC, CT14SC, CT12SC, ECT27SC. Propogation of ECT was complete though Q2/Q3
with minimal energy.

Many skiers were out enjoying most aspects/elevations and slope angles without
obvious consequence.