Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: 4068'

Route & General Observations

We all knew this day would come. Just as St. Patrick was tasked with chasing the snakes out of Ireland, warm near and above freezing temperatures have arrived to Hatcher Pass to seemingly chase away our fickle yet fun winter, causing surface warming of the cherished remaining soft surface snow we have. Despite the arrival of glopping, I was humbly reminded by friends visiting from Juneau that comparatively the skiing is still pretty darn good; soft on polar aspects and warming of crusts on higher elevation solar aspects that are holding snow.

Did a little temperature recon on 4068′ and assessed multiple aspects. Ski quality is still hanging in there and cooler overnight temperatures should work in our favor after this brief warming trend to keep winter winter. Leave our facet farming alone, St. Patrick.



Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

-Parking lot temperatures were well above freezing (40°) in the Fishhook Lot at 1130. This warming trend at lower elevations began last night; Frostbite Station @ 2,700' recorded above freezing starting at 2100 (see photo).
-At 1500, it was above freezing @ 3,800' N. Facing
-Winds were calm to light out of the South.

Snow surface

We had just a trace of 24 hour snowfall. Snow surfaces started soft and with increased warming, became increasingly moist and gloppy. It was easy to make large snowballs (though I could not press water out of them), kick rollerballs off of skin tracks and in isolated places with lingering buried crusts I could push moist surface snow down hill.

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