Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: $1,000 Run (low-angle ridge below N. face of Hatch Peak)

Route & General Observations

$1,000 run from Independence bowl; Ralph Baldwin & I skinned up to 3,500′ on NE Aspect of low angle ridge on North face of Hatch Peak. Very thin overcast, light breeze; ~5*F; obvious and widespread sastrugi along the way.
CT & ECT on NE aspect of ridge @ 3,500ft. 27* slope.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None en route, none at pit

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Thin Overcast; Light wind; Temp. not observed, but estimated ~ 5*

Snow surface

Wind crust, varying thicknesses; informal observation ranging from 0.5 cm to 5 cm.
No new snow.


Snow pit on NE aspect of low-angle ridge; 27* slope
Ski/Boot pen: 5/50cm

{Snow Pit total depth 85cm:}
70-85, F; DF/RG
55-70, 4F; RG
54-55, K; Melt-Freeze crust; CT13Q2/Q3 (2x; ECTN15Q3
50-54, 4F; FC
49-50, K; crust
45-49, 4F; FC
44-45, K; crust
35-44, 4F; FC
34-35, K; crust; CT13 Q2 & CT24Q3
30-34, 4F; FC
29-30, K; crust
5-29, 1F; FC-3mm
GND-5, P; Basal ice layer