Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: $1000 run >Hatch peak >April Bowl>Women's Run>Sunnyside 4068'

Route & General Observations

We covered some distance today to observe stability and conditions on all aspects, from 1600ft to 4500ft elevations. We observed new thin 1-2″ thick non-reactive wind slabs that formed overnight at upper elevation. Most ridgelines and windward aspects are scoured down to rock, firm crusts, cranberries, and scents of animals long gone. We did not experience any whumping, cracking, or recent avalanches. We endured lots of steep side angle ridge ski walking that reminded me of ski racing at Lake Placid and surprisingly found soft snow stashes in a few wind protected locations. There is hope after all.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No recent avalanches, cracking or whumping were observed today.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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The most recent new snow was 5" on 12/24.
Mostly calm wind throughout our tour.
Cold temps in the single digits maxing out to 10deg at 4500'

Snow surface

Snow surfaces are quite variable depending on aspect and elevation. Surfaces range from soft and slow new snow from 12/24 to firm crusts and old wind slab bed surfaces on and just below ridges to slightly faceted surfaces on protected leeward aspects.
Graupel was observed on many snow surfaces.
1-2" thick new wind slabs formed overnight on leeward aspects at upper elevation from ESE 20-32 mph for 5 hours and were mostly unreactive.
Old buried wind slabs (approximately 8-16" deep) that formed on 12/22-24 varied in thickness from 2-5" thick and were unreactive today.


hand pits, pole tests and a couple pits today revealed no propagation on any layers
see side wall photo

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