Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: $1000 run

Route & General Observations

Evening run up Bennett’s ridge to top of Hatch Peak. Sunshine, but not warm enough to soften the snow surface or make a melt-freeze crust.





Red Flags
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Observer Comments

observed swollen pillows of wind slab on west, northwest aspects, cornices on ridges are 6'-15' high teetering over wind-loaded slopes, generally widespread wind-affect on all aspects.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sunny, 18F, breezy, estimate 10-15mph winds, with gusts producing spin drift on ridge tops

Snow surface

Lil' dust, lil' crust. Windboard is variable from easily breakable to fully supportable on north and northeast aspect of $1000 run. 1-2" of powder and wind blown snow has filled in old tracks in leeward aspects, making for a smooth ride interspersed with breakable crust, and has scoured out anti-tracks in windward aspects. The northwest shoulder of 4068 looks like it has a cross hatch texture. Plenty of evidence of wind deposited snow, and very few tracks were seen on popular ski runs.


Stout crust 6"-12" thick on the ridges, faceted snow underneath

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