Sat, February 06, 2016

Hatcher Pass Observations

The Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center and Friends of the Chugach Avalanche Center are pleased to announce the launch of an observations program partnership with Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center.

By clicking the “Observations” link on both and, users can now browse and submit Hatcher Pass observations. Data is mirrored on both sites giving Southcentral Alaska backcountry enthusiasts the ability to quickly browse recent snowpack and avalanche observations throughout the region.

The Chugach Avalanche Center observations program has been an overwhelming success in the Turnagain / Summit regions. Last season (2014/15) we received a total 320 observations (82 more than were submitted during the 2013/14 season) and already this season we have received over 200 observations. These observations play a crucial role in aiding CNFAIC forecasters when they write the advisories for these regions.

Our hope is that Hatcher Pass users will embrace the observations program in the same way Turnagain / Summit users have and begin regularly submitting observations and photos. These observations will help Hatcher Pass forecasters as they collect data for their next advisory.

Please submit your own observations and spread the word to others!