Near Miss: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Creek

Fri, February 3rd, 2017
Snowmachine triggered large avalanche, no one caught.
Accident Report

One snowmachiner triggered a large avalanche while hill climbing. It was triggered as he crested onto the ridge. He was not caught and the other members of his party were outside of the runout. This is considered a near miss due to the size and potential consequences of the avalanche triggered.

Avalanche Details:
Avalanche Code: HS-AMu-R3-D2.5-O
Trigger – Snowmachiner, triggered while hill climbing as he crested the hill
Aspect – E
Angle – 36-42 degrees
Elevation – 3000′
Crown Depth – 1-4’, average 2.5’
Width – 1400′
Vertical Fall – 1500’
Length of Path Run – 2500’
Weak Layer – Small facets in the middle of the snowpack, stepped down to facets at the base of
the snowpack just above a faceted melt-freeze crust on the ground.
Debris depth – 10+, did not probe in looker’s right gully due to overhead hazard