Near Miss: Turnagain

Location: Lower CFR, Tincan

Fri, January 3rd, 2014
One dog fatality and near miss on Tincan Mountain (CFR Ridge), Turnagain Pass, AK
Accident Report

January 3rd, 2014 2:50pm
(AO – Triggered by skiers and/or dog)
Vertical Fall of debris – 600 feet
Horizontal width at starting zone – 400 feet
Slope angle – 45 degrees in start zone
Crown depth – up to 3 feet
West aspect
Crown elevation – 2600 feet

A group of 4 experienced skiers and 2 dogs had been skiing laps on Tincan since the morning. At approximately 2:45pm, the group skied down the windblown ridge, commonly called CFR, to the lower face where fall line transitions from a southwest to a west aspect. As the 4 were looking at the steeper slope below, one dog ran down the slope. The skiers felt the slope collapse and the avalanche initiated. The people were at the very top of the slab and scrambled to avoid being taken down themselves, but were not caught. They watched the dog in the flowing debris until it went out of sight in a powder cloud.