Accident: Other Regions

Location: Denali National Park, near Jenny Creek

Thu, May 4th, 2023
One backcountry skier caught and killed.
Accident Report

The full incident report can be found on’s accident page HERE.

Preliminary report: A solo skier was killed in an avalanche near Mile 10 off Park Rd in Denali National Park. The avalanche occurred on a north-facing slope south of Jenny Creek and east of Savage River.

Denali rangers were dispatched and observed an unoccupied truck at the Mile 11 pullout. A ranger used a spotting scope to look for survivors in the area where the avalanche occurred. Two skis, one vertical, one lying flat on the surface, as well as an orange bag were observed in a debris field in the avalanche area.

The park’s mountaineering rangers were dispatched with the park’s contracted helicopter. The team members conducted a quick aerial reconnaissance of the area. Two rangers with basic life support equipment were inserted via short-haul to the scene. Upon reaching the scene it was determined that the skier had died.

Denali National Park – Press Release

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