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Accident: Portage / Placer

Location: Blackstone Glacier, Whittier

Wed, May 2nd, 2018
Three snowmachiners caught. One rider came to rest on surface, one partially buried and one fully buried and killed.
Accident Report

Synopsis: 3 snowmachiners caught, 1 deployed an airbag and came to rest near the surface, 1 partially buried and 1 fully buried (with hand breaking the surface) and killed.

Avalanche code: SS-AMu-R3D2-U

Avalanche Details:

  • Type: Soft slab
  • Problem/Character: Unknown (storm slab suspected)
  • Crown Thickness: 24” average, max 36” (estimate)
  • Width: 200-300’ (estimate)
  • Vertical Run: 500-1,000’ (estimate)
  • Trigger: Snowmachine
  • Weak Layer: Unknown
  • Aspect: East
  • Angle: 40 degrees at crown
  • Elevation: ~5,000
  • Path Character: Terrain trap, gully Debris: 8 – 10’ deep (estimate)