Avalanche Forecast
Avalanche risk Turnagain Pass
Issued Thu, January 21st, 2021
Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features. Evaluate snow and terrain carefully; identify features of concern.
ARCHIVED FORECAST - All forecasts expire after 24 hours from the posting date/time.
Recent Observations
Date Region Location
01/21/21 Summit Observation: Birch Trees
01/21/21 Hatcher Pass Observation: Lost Couloir
01/21/21 Hatcher Pass Observation: Marmot
01/21/21 Girdwood Observation: Goat Shoulder
01/21/21 Seward Avalanche: Snug Harbor, V-Max area
01/21/21 Girdwood Avalanche: Goat Mountain
01/20/21 Turnagain Observation: Sunburst
01/19/21 Hatcher Pass Avalanche: Presidents Ridge
01/19/21 Turnagain Avalanche: Cornbiscuit
01/19/21 Hatcher Pass Observation: Marmot
Sun, January 17, 2021
Recording of Forecaster Chat #3- How the Sausage is Made: What goes into an avalanche forecast?
In case you weren't able to join us (or if you wanted to revisit part of the conversation), you can watch Forecaster Chat #3 here. A big thank you goes out to Karl Birkeland, director of the National Avalanche Center, to join us for a discussion involving the North American Avalanche Danger Scale, the process of avalanche forecasting, and how to put an avalanche forecast to use. Thanks also to everybody that asked all of those good questions, it made...
Thu, December 17, 2020
Recording of Forecaster Chat # 2 – Persistent and Deep Persistent Slab Avalanches is up!
If you missed our live Zoom CNFAIC Forecaster Chat with forecaster Aleph Johnston-Bloom on Dec 15th,  check the recording out on the link below! Big thank you to Allie Barker and Jed Workman from Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center for being guest stars and sharing great info and discussion. Recorded Version is HERE!!! What's included: What to expect: An overview of how persistent weak layers form A few notable Persistent Slab/DPS avalanche cycles from the Turnagain Pass forecast area Special Guests HPAC...
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