Observations: Hatcher Pass


Date Region Location
151765920002/03/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: West Slopes Above Gold Mint Trail
151749834002/01/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Independence Mine
151714800001/28/18Hatcher PassObservation: $1000 Run
151714800001/28/18Hatcher PassObservation: Hatcher Pass $1000 run
151706160001/27/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch peak
151670880001/23/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot Ridge
151644960001/20/18Hatcher PassObservation: Archangel Valley
151628402701/18/18Hatcher PassObservation: Marmot Mountain Sw Face > Rae Wallace
151594200001/14/18Hatcher PassObservation: Independence mine lot up to the cross
151593480001/14/18Hatcher PassObservation: Farside
151584840001/13/18Hatcher PassObservation: Base of “Farside” run, South of The Pinnacle
151568640001/11/18Hatcher PassObservation: Independence Mine
151562880001/11/18Hatcher PassObservation: Fairangel
151541089401/08/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Arkose Peak, North Ridge
151536222001/07/18Hatcher PassObservation: Sidney Creek
151532640001/07/18Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot, Murphy Lake Area, Cross Hill to Death Traverse
151524720001/06/18Hatcher PassObservation: Lower Eldorado Bowl Moraine, Microdot Ridge, Cross Hill
151524360001/06/18Hatcher PassObservation: Lone Tree Gulch
151517154001/05/18Hatcher PassObservation: Wimp Bowl
151516554001/05/18Hatcher PassObservation: Wimp Bowl
151439280012/27/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: marmot parking lot to wimpy bowl skin track
151437960012/27/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: West Side of HPMA: South Face of Bullion Mountain
151429680012/26/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: 4068
151423114212/25/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Upper Willow Creek
151419925912/25/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: April Bowl Lower Roll
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