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148760280002/20/17Hatcher PassObservation: NE Ridge of Government Peak
148753482002/19/17Hatcher PassObservation: MicroDot, SW Ridge
148752474002/19/17Hatcher PassObservation: Gold cord, cross hill, microdot ridge
148736515802/17/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: X4068 North Face
148630320002/05/17Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot North
148622976002/04/17Hatcher PassObservation: Base of Frostbite Ridge
148622760002/04/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: April bowl/sunny bowl
148621860002/04/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak
148580640001/30/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: West of Summit Lake, Willow side.
148577040001/30/17Hatcher PassObservation: Micro Dot, South
148572366001/29/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Fishhook parking lot, El Dorado mountain
148570434001/29/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Gold cord lake
148570200001/29/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lower Arkos ridge
148570200001/29/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot and Hidden Bowl avalanche, Willow side
148569840001/29/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Fishhook Creek, North Fork below gate to Hatcher Pass Road
148535352001/25/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: SW Face Marmot
148518708001/23/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot Butt
148518000001/23/17Hatcher PassObservation: Hatcher Pass - Hatch Peak N ridge
148510194001/22/17Hatcher PassObservation:
148509438001/22/17Hatcher PassObservation: wimpy bowl
148502106001/21/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lower elevations around Independence Mine ( 3000 - 3900 ft)
148492080001/20/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Low elevation tours around Independence Mine parking lot
148466161901/17/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Skyscraper Mt
148448520001/15/17Hatcher PassObservation: Marmot
148423681701/12/17Hatcher PassObservation: Archangel, IM, Gold Bullion
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