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154557000012/23/18Hatcher PassObservation: Stairstep
154557000012/23/18Hatcher PassObservation: Ray Wallace Bowl, Microdot
154547640012/22/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Frostbite
154522800012/19/18Hatcher PassObservation: Road Obs
154513080012/18/18Hatcher PassObservation: $1000 Run / April Bowl
154504800012/17/18Hatcher PassObservation: Cross Hill
154504800012/17/18Hatcher PassObservation: Skyscraper Mountain
154496520012/16/18Hatcher PassObservation: The Independence Mill below 900 ft Portal / Tramway
154489506012/15/18Hatcher PassObservation: Two groups on 1,000 dollar ridge, one on bench below Skyscraper near Independence Mine
154488240012/15/18Hatcher PassObservation: Peak 4068
154482993812/14/18Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot S and Nosebleed
154470240012/13/18Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
154445040012/10/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak > $1000 Run
154438962012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: 4068
154437120012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot, Eldorado Bowl, Hatch Peak
154436400012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: 1000 Dollar Run, Hatch Peak
154436310012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: $1,000 run
154436220012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak, $1000 Run, Marmot
154436040012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: NW Aspect Hatch Peak
154436040012/09/18Hatcher PassObservation: Cross Hill
154435680012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Eldorado Bowl
154434600012/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: N side of SE ridge of Gov Pk (and seperate ob on SE spur of Frostbite)
154430640012/08/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Independence Mine
154425366012/08/18Hatcher PassObservation: Gold Chord hill
154401210012/05/18Hatcher PassObservation: Independence Mine Bowl
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