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155154372003/02/19Hatcher PassObservation: Stairstep
155146836003/01/19Hatcher PassObservation: Frostbite Peak
155136240002/28/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: SE Ridge, Marmot Mountain, Corporate Run
155110680002/25/19Hatcher PassObservation: Truck Ramp aka Razorback Gulch aka Bachelor Weekend Couloir
155109960002/25/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Up the gold mint drainage
155107782202/25/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: about 500 to 1000 ft above dnigi hut in elevation
155101680002/24/19Hatcher PassObservation: Eldorado Bowl Area
155091828002/23/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lone Tree Gulch, 3.5 miles up Mint Valley Trail
155086284002/22/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lone Tree Gulch? About 3 miles up little su valley from gold mint trailhead.
155084040002/22/19Hatcher PassObservation: Eldorado Bench
155068200002/20/19Hatcher PassObservation: Government Peak
155042682002/17/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Blueberry Knoll
155042586002/17/19Hatcher PassObservation: Crosshill
155041200002/17/19Hatcher PassObservation: Below Eldorado Bowl
155008860002/13/19Hatcher PassObservation: Skyscraper Peak
154998360002/12/19Hatcher PassObservation: Eldorado Bowl
154990080002/11/19Hatcher PassObservation: Government Peak
154962720002/08/19Hatcher PassObservation: C Mountain
154953720002/07/19Hatcher PassObservation: Gov't Pk, SE ridge ~2850', SE aspect (location pin not working-ignore it)
154946160002/06/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Idaho Peak
154938690002/05/19Hatcher PassObservation: Marmot, Skyscraper, Ray Wallace Chutes
154931946402/04/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot SW face
154929240002/04/19Hatcher PassObservation: Independence Mine Bowl
154928160002/04/19Hatcher PassObservation: Upper Willow Creek
154928160002/04/19Hatcher PassObservation: North end of Government Peak
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