Observations: Hatcher Pass

158395332003/11/20Hatcher PassObservation: Pinnacle approach
158394876003/11/20Hatcher PassObservation: Arcos Shoulder (elevation: 2000 ft, aspect: 160)
158387040003/10/20Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
158386356003/10/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: near Archangel Rd.
158377601203/09/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Avalanche accident- 16 mile road run at Hatcher Pass
158368944003/08/20Hatcher PassObservation: Gold Mint
158368494003/08/20Hatcher PassObservation: Independance Mine
158360166003/07/20Hatcher PassObservation: Hatcher Pass
158350350003/06/20Hatcher PassObservation: Skyscraper & Eldorado Bowl
158344794003/05/20Hatcher PassObservation: Near snowbird glacier
158343744003/05/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
158342910003/05/20Hatcher PassObservation: Thousand Dollar Run
158336021703/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: West side of Eldorado
158335170003/04/20Hatcher PassObservation: Pinnacle
158334757703/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Road Obs
158333760003/04/20Hatcher PassObservation: East side Marmot
158333754003/04/20Hatcher PassObservation: Skyscraper East Ridge
158332320003/04/20Hatcher PassObservation: Peak 4068
158331378003/04/20Hatcher PassObservation: Arc angel valley
158328000003/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Upper Willow Creek
158324898003/03/20Hatcher PassObservation: Above sledding hill
158298480002/29/20Hatcher PassObservation: Delia
158273898002/26/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Bennet's Ridge (Hatch Peak) and MicroDot
158257344002/24/20Hatcher PassObservation: Knob NW of Delia Creek near Gold Mint parking lot.
158256612002/24/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
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