Observations: Hatcher Pass

148373705201/06/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot SW face
148328100001/01/17Hatcher PassAvalanche: $1000 Run & Bennett's Ridge
148319280012/31/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: (1) MicroDot (3904'), SE aspect, and (2) Rae-Wallace Bowl (3520'), terminal moraine.
148313589312/30/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot test slope
148296262912/28/16Hatcher PassObservation: Hatcher Pass proper- near April Bowl
148241523212/22/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot SW ridge to mid rib decent
148241520012/22/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Government Peak
148241274012/22/16Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
148215480012/19/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Bennet's ridge
148206240012/18/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: $1000 Run
148199604012/17/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Gold Cord Cross Hill
148197600012/17/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak area
148197120012/17/16Hatcher PassObservation: Eldorado
148189680012/16/16Hatcher PassObservation: Marmot Test Slope
148180860012/15/16Hatcher PassObservation: Tours near Independence Mine Visitor Center
148171585812/14/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Summit Road
148060080012/01/16Hatcher PassObservation: Road Observations
147740400010/25/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: North side 4600, half way up
147740040010/25/16Hatcher PassObservation: Hatcher Pass (3886 ft)
147654720010/15/16Hatcher PassObservation: Snowbird glacier
146202390904/30/16Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot & Birthday Pass
146160000004/25/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot Gully 1 AKA Mile 14 slide path
146142000004/23/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Base of Granite Peak
146098440004/18/16Hatcher PassAvalanche: Sheep Glacier
146089800004/17/16Hatcher PassObservation: Gold Cord basin/Friendship Pass. Allie and Jed; thanks for all the great work in making the Hatcher Pass forecasts.
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