Observations: Hatcher Pass

152147520003/19/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Frostbite/Gov bowl, and east side of Marmot (Corporate and Presidents ridges)
152146800003/19/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Upper Gold Cord Basin, SW of Birthday Pass
152146440003/19/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot Mountain
152146440003/19/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot avalanche road observations
152145456003/19/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Mile 15
152130870003/17/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: North side of Microdot.
152129520003/17/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Government Peak
152129520003/17/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Peak 4068 (across the road from Marmot)
152128800003/17/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot - South Side
152103780003/14/18Hatcher PassObservation: 1000$ Run
152076960003/11/18Hatcher PassObservation: Sidney Creek
152071470003/10/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Summit Lake area
152071368003/10/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: W side Hatcher Pass
152068680003/10/18Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
152060400003/09/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lonesome Mine
152043120003/07/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Independence Bowl Area
152020108803/04/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Nosehairs- above Murphy Lake
152019588003/04/18Hatcher PassObservation: Base of Frostbite Ridge
152017560003/04/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Nosehairs
152016120003/04/18Hatcher PassObservation: Peak 4,068
152001012003/02/18Hatcher PassObservation: Baby Ruth
151999200003/02/18Hatcher PassObservation: Murphy Bench
151994220003/01/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Archangel Valley
151991280003/01/18Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot to Archagel
151990020003/01/18Hatcher PassObservation: Frostbite
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