Observations: Hatcher Pass

154860300001/27/19Hatcher PassObservation: Low Eldorado Bowl Cornice
154816200001/22/19Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
154791000001/19/19Hatcher PassObservation: Independence Creek
154774080001/17/19Hatcher PassObservation: Mill Run, Above Independence Mine
154773360001/17/19Hatcher PassObservation: Hatch Peak, North Face...just above $1000 Run
154764720001/16/19Hatcher PassObservation: Indep. Mine to Dylan´s Molar to Rae Wallace
154757208001/15/19Hatcher PassObservation: Independence Mine, Gold Cord Lake
154755360001/15/19Hatcher PassObservation: Upper Willow Creek
154747800001/14/19Hatcher PassObservation: Reed Lakes Trailhead and Archangel Creek Bridge
154746720001/14/19Hatcher PassObservation: April Bowl / Upper Willow Creek
154725042001/11/19Hatcher PassObservation: Womens Run
154713240001/10/19Hatcher PassObservation: April Bowl
154695960001/08/19Hatcher PassObservation: Gold Cord Peak
154686960001/07/19Hatcher PassObservation: Friendship Pass
154678680001/06/19Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
154669680001/05/19Hatcher PassObservation: Rae Wallace Chutes
154662378001/04/19Hatcher PassObservation: Microdot
154652400001/03/19Hatcher PassObservation: Road Obs
154618986012/30/18Hatcher PassObservation: Independence mine area
154602419812/28/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak, Sunnyside of Hatch
154559520012/23/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot SE, Corporate
154559124012/23/18Hatcher PassObservation: Toilet Bowl
154557000012/23/18Hatcher PassObservation: Stairstep
154557000012/23/18Hatcher PassObservation: Ray Wallace Bowl, Microdot
154547640012/22/18Hatcher PassAvalanche: Frostbite
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