Avalanches: Hatcher Pass

Date Region Location
158403810003/12/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot
158386356003/10/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: near Archangel Rd.
158377601203/09/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Avalanche accident- 16 mile road run at Hatcher Pass
158343744003/05/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
158336021703/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: West side of Eldorado
158334757703/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Road Obs
158328000003/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Upper Willow Creek
158273898002/26/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Bennet's Ridge (Hatch Peak) and MicroDot
158256612002/24/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
158141879702/11/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: HP
158135268002/10/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Archangel Rd, Gold Mint P Lot
158127402002/09/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Japanese garden/Moose Meadow
158102814002/06/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Eldorado
158102412102/06/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Microdot
158102298002/06/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Microdot, Swimmin' Tims run
158039280001/30/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Tailings pile, granite mountain
158015370001/27/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot and Eldorado
157936146001/18/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Cross Hill, Gold Cord Basin
157920672301/16/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Gold Cord Peak, Million Dollar Face
157912369401/15/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Cable Valley and Pinnacle
157909680001/15/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
157893378001/13/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot/Elderado Bowl/Next to Independance Mine
157868780301/10/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Skyscraper to Granite Peaks
157799881001/02/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: IM to Marmot test slope to NW Microdot (Airbag Alley) to Gold Chord
157599498012/10/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot SW Face
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