Avalanches: Hatcher Pass

Date Region Location
157584120012/08/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Nosebleed -> Gold Cord
157580376012/08/19Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Hatcher Pass, Microdot, Nosebleed
157576320012/08/19Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Rae Wallace
157561922212/06/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Skyscraper, NE (avalanche) and SE (pit and video) aspects
157554900012/05/19Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Rae Wallace, Cornice collapse and avalanche
157531866012/02/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot West Rib/Eldorado Gully/"Point 40" (BrownFrownTown)
157522602212/01/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot
157494384011/28/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Palmer Fishhook Road Mile 15-16
157459596011/24/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak
157329048011/09/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace > Marmot
157269600011/02/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatch Peak
157261320011/01/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot
157208838010/26/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Eldorado Bowl, South aspect Skyscraper
157202826010/25/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot W, N and S aspects elev. 4150’-IM lot.
157158360010/20/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Eldorado Bowl
157089090010/12/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Hatcher Pass, Southwest aspect MicroDot Peak
155688840005/03/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Bennets ridge
155681562005/02/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Independence Mine Area
155636820004/27/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Delia Creek-ish
155575980004/20/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lower Skyscraper
155572344004/20/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Lower flanks of Idaho Peak, into Goodhope
155571840004/20/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: 4068 N side roughly 150 ft E of summit halfway down slope.
155566290004/19/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Bennets Ridge, north aspect
155562918004/18/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Nose Bleed
155560680004/18/19Hatcher PassAvalanche: Upper Willow Creek
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