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Mar 30, 2022
Fresno up to 2800′. Just wanted to submit photos of recent avalanches along the road corridor and report the presence of small surface hoar (1-3mm) along our tour up to  [ Read More ]
Mar 25, 2022
Manitoba trail to “mini” Manitoba at 2100′  [ Read More ]
Mar 20, 2022
Started at the parking lot at 2:45, 45° and a little breezy, bluebird sunny day. Spring snowpack. Followed the skin up the ridge. A little snotty, especially in the trees.  [ Read More ]
Mar 19, 2022
Started at the pull-out at 2:15. Strong winds from the East, 40° with snow clumping on skins down by the highway. Sunny, some pockets of snowflakes throughout the day but  [ Read More ]
Similar slope angle rib to climbers left, some 5-10 old fracture lines observed in area some of which propagated widely and stepped down.  [ Read More ]