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Nov 13, 2021
Took the standard uptrack, had to cross some running water where the snow hasn’t filled in yet, others behind us knew already and avoided by going up the out run (not best choice if heading up later in the day when people are coming down) Glide releases on many of the surrounding slopes with steeper  [ Read More ]
Nov 11, 2021
Started at the parking lot at 1:00 pm. 21° and 6 inches of very light fluffy low-density powder, still storming. Standard skin up with no whumpfing, shooting cracks, etc. Low visibility and flat light. At top a little breezy and chilly. Wind-loaded cornice along ridge. Older glide cracks still visible on surrounding peaks. Powder was  [ Read More ]
Very subjective observation from my commute: ceilings were quite low, so views of the slopes were few and far between. Although the snow was “fluff”, many trees at lower levels had bent branches or trunks due to snow accumulation. Yet, there appeared to be significantly LESS snow accumulation in the passes than there was roadside  [ Read More ]
Nov 7, 2021
Inversion layer at road level that burned off with the sun. Started at parking lot at 11:30 am. 28° and sunny, 1” of powder at road level. A little punchiness noted around 1,700 elevation and up. No shooting cracks, no whumpfing, no glide cracks noted on main route. Some wind loaded cornices noted. Powder as  [ Read More ]
Nov 6, 2021
Many glide cracks observed. Snowpack extends to the road, ambient temp 32°.  [ Read More ]