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Mar 27, 2022
Saw several natural avalanches up on Carter lake. We were around 1500 ft when we dug the pit. It was at the west aspect. Snow pack was 200 cm at the lake. Failed at crust surface hoar 60 cm down.  [ Read More ]
Mar 21, 2022
This was up on lost lake it was observed on Sunday but wasn’t there last weekend. It looked like the cornice broke. It was south facing and toward south west. It was around 2200 feet.  [ Read More ]
Mar 17, 2022
East aspect of Mt Benson. Several avalanches. Debris in main chute and two more just north. D1+ to D2.  [ Read More ]
Mar 16, 2022
Temperatures upper 30s to low 40s…light snow am (2-4″ overnight) periods of light rain. Natural avalanche activity today Mt Marathon (East aspect) d-2 and Mt Benson (North aspect) D-1 numerous smaller avalanches here from new snow. See pictures.  [ Read More ]
A number of recent avalanches and avalanche debris observed in the mountains around Seward. Mainly D1 to D2 in size all were above treeline from recent wind loading and precipitation. See Photos below.  [ Read More ]