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Jan 24, 2021
Wonderfully sunny day schwacking through the deep snow up to the bowl. Temps in the mid to upper 30s below 1500ft. Multiple D2-2.5 point releases on the broad East face, from yesterday early morning’s moderate to heavy rain from 4-8am. Strong Northwest winds gusting to extreme ~50mph just above treeline. The wind was generally too  [ Read More ]
Jan 21, 2021
Snowmachine triggered avalanche on January 20, 2021. Party of four riders in the area. One rider caught, carried, able to swim to top and was not buried. Big thank you to the rider involved for sharing their story below. We are very thankful everyone is OK. Video of avalanche and aftermath (also linked below):  [ Read More ]
Jan 19, 2021
In general, most South, East and West faces in Rez Bay look very swollen with wind slabs. There is also a fair amount of natural releasing wet loose activity on slopes between ~33 and 38deg.  [ Read More ]
Avalanche activity near Moose Pass near Carter Lake and a larger fracture line observed from Snug Harbor road Cooper Landing east of Lost Lake access from Snug Harbor. Pictures below. Snow and rain mix with active wind loading over the past few days.  [ Read More ]
View of avalanche paths above Lower Russian Lake taken from winter route. Orange line marks debris end.  [ Read More ]