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Mar 29, 2020
Very efficient travel on widespread firm/edgeable snow, no signs of current instability observed, small/medium sized surface hoar generally present.  [ Read More ]
Mar 12, 2020
Skier triggered avalanche at the transition point on a west facing, wind loaded slope approximately 34 degrees. Crown face of 12-18″ with a cracking extending beyond the crown edge of the avalanche.  [ Read More ]
Snug Harbor trailhead to site of 2/10 avalanche fatality to Lost Lake weather station and back to Snug Harbor TH. CNFAIC forecasters traveled to the site of yesterday’s fatal avalanche to gather pertinent snowpack, weather and avalanche information. Preliminary information can be found on the accidents page, under the observations tab. Direct link HERE. Side  [ Read More ]
Feb 10, 2020
Large avalanche and crown, likely occurred Friday night or early Saturday.  [ Read More ]
Natural Avalanche activity reported in the Sunrise (Quartz Creek Area) Outside of Cooper Landing. Drivers reported multiple powder clouds witnessed near Kenai Lake as well as MP 37 area on the Seward Highway. Described it as powder clouds coming down out of steep terrain in those areas. Witnessed 3PM. Note these are in addition to  [ Read More ]