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I noted one steep chute on a North aspect that had some soil colored debris about halfway down from the crest. Sorry, too much of a hurry to glass this.  [ Read More ]
Feb 14, 2024
Parked at the end of the road nearest Lowell shoulder. Skinned across the creek and headed up the shoulder.  [ Read More ]
Observations from Seward to Portage via heli. Thinner coverage towards 4th of July Creek then increasing snow the further north traveled. Did not get a view of Lost Lake area.  [ Read More ]
May 12, 2023
Salt water cruise from Whittier into Blackstone Bay.  [ Read More ]
Apr 1, 2023
We received these photos and details from a snowmachiner that triggered an avalanche near Whittier today. He was able to ride off the slab and was not caught or carried.  [ Read More ]