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Jan 17, 2022
Noticed a recent large natural windslab on the ridge just north east of Baldy (2 photos attached).  [ Read More ]
Arctic Valley – Friends of CNFAIC Weather Station seems to be broken: no wind speed/direction. Thanks.  [ Read More ]
Dec 26, 2021
Straight up  [ Read More ]
Nov 30, 2021
Light snow and fog on Palmer Creek Road. Old avalanche from Halloween layer at mile 5 is not passable with 30 feet of debris and a vertical snow/Ice wall 20′ high. Was not able to find a route past. Some sluffing in non wind affected areas. In wind affected areas cracking and slight whumphing on  [ Read More ]
Nov 26, 2021
Skier triggered avalanche near Hope. Was caught, carried around 400′ down slope, able to arrest on bed surface and ok.  [ Read More ]