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Oct 30, 2021
Nordic ski day up at Independence Mine. Very windy with gusts. Wind direction at the mine was northerly. Lots of snow piling up at the mine. Saw a ton of glide cracks on N and NE aspects of the bottom of $1000 Run and Skyscraper. Didn’t view a release but on the drive down, saw  [ Read More ]
Oct 29, 2021
Skinned up from independence mine towards sky scraper. Skied north aspect of ridge. Super fun!  [ Read More ]
Oct 24, 2021
-mixed sun and cloud, above freezing in the sun and slightly below freezing in the shade -heavy wet snow near the car and sun facing aspects -snow dries out quickly on north facing aspects, within 500′ elevation gain from the parking lot -snow quality is good, with relatively light snow on shaded aspects -coverage is  [ Read More ]
Glide cracks on north and northeast aspects of $1000 run area as viewed from summit road parking lot and summit road. Possible skier triggered release from one glide crack. Lots of small wet loose from southern slopes of skyscraper as viewed from summit road.  [ Read More ]
Oct 22, 2021
Standard uptrack $1000 run to Hatch Common.  [ Read More ]