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May 1, 2022
Toured up from the lot just below the mine around noon just to get a couple of quick laps in and see how the snow on north aspects looked. Saw several wet loose avalanches that had come down recently mainly on steep northeast to northwest aspects…a few could have been small cornice failures entraining near  [ Read More ]
We traveled up east and then northeast-facing slopes to Hatch Benchmark. Snow surfaces were frozen all the way up to the peak. There was a very small amount of dry drifted snow up high. We descended south in to Valley of Sin at around 11am. The snow surface was frozen up high and just thawing  [ Read More ]
Apr 13, 2022
Toured up to peak 4068 to search for corn skiing and to check how moist the snow was getting. There was around 15cm of moist snow until around ~3600’ where it switched to sastrugi. As to be expected the crusty skiing was a little sub par until we reached the corn.  [ Read More ]
Apr 10, 2022
Started tour at 7am at Gold Mint trailhead and walked about 7 miles on Gold Mint trail before turning off to the east to ascend the headwall leading into the valley formed by Telemint Glacier. Throughout the morning surface conditions were nice with dry, low density snow from the storm last Monday and Tuesday. Surface  [ Read More ]
Apr 5, 2022
Toured up in the direction of twin lakes to check out how the new snow was bonding. We decided that white out conditions, and obvious storm slab instability were good reasons to not travel too high into the bowl. During the tour there were lots of shooting cracks, and even a small release. Ski conditions  [ Read More ]