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A group of 5 students and 1 instructor from a Custom Avy 1 course traveled up the access road adjacent to the groomed gold cord road to a 13degree, wind-loaded slope below the private land holding and gold cord knoll.  [ Read More ]
Jan 15, 2021
IM parking to RW bowl  [ Read More ]
Jan 12, 2021
Went for a short tour into Eldorado Bowl to see what our persistent slab problem is doing. Flat light conditions made riding variable snow all the more tricky.  [ Read More ]
Jan 10, 2021
Today we had groups visit Valley of Sin, Microdot, $1000 and the Death Traverse. Beautiful day with great light and clear skies at dusk. Rough skiing, but we were skiing, and skiing is always fun.  [ Read More ]
Jan 8, 2021
IM parking to Rock Garden to Far Side (Dark Side) and back.    [ Read More ]