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Nov 27, 2022
Marmot. Today’s tour included skiing N and SE aspects at mid and upper elevations.  [ Read More ]
Standard Skyscrapper uptrack , found an interesting crust layer near the ground but wasn’t present everywhere. While there is pow to be had, the sharks still linger.  [ Read More ]
Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol members made a quick afternoon tour into Rae Wallace Bowl and up Microdot to observe snowpack conditions. Low density powder surface made for great skiing when  [ Read More ]
Nov 23, 2022
Toured up the SW ridge of Marmot to check out structure and stability at various elevations after a week of unseasonably- above freezing temps below 3550′ and two nights above  [ Read More ]
Toured up to Powder Pimple and SW face of Marmot to investigate snowpack structure and stability. We continue to observe trends with poor snowpack structure which is slow to improve  [ Read More ]