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Apr 17, 2022
From GA parking lot toured along the NE aspect of Blueberry Knoll through the wind tunnel saddle and down the SW aspect of same. Back to GA via the NW aspect of Blueberry. Lots of people out on an Easter Sunday enjoying the balmy temps (pic).  [ Read More ]
The APU Snow Science class traveled to the Three Bowls avalanche in South Fork Eagle River to document the slide and observe the snowpack. Students toured up to 2700’ and spent time on both sides of the avalanche track (S-NW aspects). The ski conditions were a mix of crust and corn however it is not  [ Read More ]
Mar 30, 2022
Toured from Glen Alps PL up over Blueberry Knob, then off the SE end of the knob and along the NE aspect of Flattop. From my perspective did not observe any recent avalanches other than a small point release below rocks on the NW aspect of Flattop.    [ Read More ]
Mar 28, 2022
This was not from the bowl it was a natural avalanche in the coulior next to the bowl. At least 6 people skied the avalanche chute within 48 hours of the avalanche. Debris piled up to about 20 feet.  [ Read More ]
Additional photos of the large natural avalanche that sent debris from the 3 Bowls area across Hiland Road and into residential property. The first six were passed along to the avalanche center by Eric Layton and the last one by Peter Wadsworth. Synopsis: Late at night on March 24th a natural avalanche released in 3  [ Read More ]