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Nov 20, 2021
A few laps in Swiss/French bowls, on north, east, and west aspects  [ Read More ]
Followed Flattop trail from Glen Alps parking lot around the west end of Blueberry Knob, then SE along the ridgetop to the Wind Tunnel overlook.  [ Read More ]
Nov 15, 2021
We followed an existing skin track up the west side of Peak 2. Many tracks on the south-west face, no deposited snow in the tracks from the weekend. Surface hoar seen on the surface and willow branches. No signs of instability in the snow pack. We didn’t dig a pit, but could feel the crust  [ Read More ]
Nov 14, 2021
While driving down Arctic valley road at end of day, spotted fairly large slab avalanche had occurred over behind Temptation in Snowhawk vicinity, near the toe of one of those big ramps. Was driving so fleeting glimpses, no photos.  [ Read More ]
Summer route to the saddle between Gordon Lyon and Rendezvous, then ridge line to Gordon Lyon, skied back to the car.  [ Read More ]