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Completed the Eklutna Traverse going from North to South over 3 days starting on Saturday morning. Exited via the Raven Headwall at 4:50pm Monday. Another party in the area dug  [ Read More ]
Apr 15, 2023
Came out of ship creek to see Swiss bowl had ripped big. We noticed multiple smaller slides like point releases on south west slopes, and some what we think are  [ Read More ]
I toured solo from South Fork trailhead almost all the way to Symphony Lake via the west side of the valley (did not stay on the trail, did not cross  [ Read More ]
Time of avalanche is unknown. Likely occurred Friday afternoon. Appears to be relatively shallow slab, possibly of new snow from this past weekend.  [ Read More ]
Apr 12, 2023
Toured from Glen Alps out towards false peak. Evidence of wind loading at ridge-line.  [ Read More ]