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Skied from Glen Alps PL along NE aspect of Blueberry Knoll. Then skied up Flattop trail past old debris from 10/7 Blueberry knoll trail avalanche to top of Blueberry Knoll. Observed snowboarders utilizing Blueberry Knoll crown face as jump.  [ Read More ]
Skied on both sides of T-bar lots of fresh snow a little dense near the top.  [ Read More ]
Oct 21, 2021
Rock band below summit of Peak 3  [ Read More ]
Human triggered avalanche. On standard gut approach, released while skinning below summit rocks. I was the first on the slope after the recent snowfall. The windslab broke 100′ above me in rocks near summit. Ran 500′-600′ feet. I was caught and rode 450′. Not injured. Crown was 12-15′. The crown seemed to propitiate down to  [ Read More ]
Glide crack  [ Read More ]