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Apr 18, 2020
Skinned up Harp ridge. localized whumping of top layer of unconsolidated, wet slush. Observed 5 D1 wet loose slides, all skier triggered. Skier triggered slide on N/NW aspect, buried up to waist, able to self-resuce. Additions from skier involved: I was with a partner. No injures. It was difficult to get out due to the  [ Read More ]
We took a sled (easy) and bush (slow) approach to ski on N and NW aspects of thunderbird and the bowl to its NE. It had little wind effect from the past week. Skiing DF and FCns with slow low volume sluff. Two Small R1D1 wind slabs were ski cut at ridge too. They were  [ Read More ]
Toured up from South Fork Trailhead to the head of the flute glacier. Attempted to ski NW facing couloir to the shoulder of flute but turned back for instability. Surface snow was a breakable sun crust to 4K feet. After this it was inconsistent wind slab with about 3-4 inches of soft snow overlying this  [ Read More ]
Today we toured near the Eagle River Nature Center to about 5,500 feet.  [ Read More ]
Apr 5, 2020
Springtime skiing in the South Fork Eagle River area. Started from trailhead, and ascended via Hunter Pass, ridge line, to “The Nipple”. We were on the peak around 2:30pm, and nearby Arctic Valley’s station was reading 21F. The snow in the gully skied surprisingly well, a wet kind of powder as we were descending. I  [ Read More ]