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The 2020/21 season has been a difficult year for avalanche fatalities in the U.S. As we enter the beginning of March, 33 people have died in 25 avalanche accidents. This is a grim number, already ranking as the 6th deadliest season since 1925/26 and on track to be the deadliest season since then if we  [ Read More ]
The preliminary report from the Bear Point avalanche accident has been posted. On February 2nd, three climbers ascending a 2,500 foot steep and narrow gully on the northwest face of Bear Point were caught, carried and partially buried in an avalanche that released near the top of the gully. All three climbers were killed.  [ Read More ]
See link below to the recording of our snowmachine specific discussion with Graham Predeger and snowmachine educator and rider Tim Thomas from Haines! Topics: Good riding habits, what they are and how we can use them to keep us safer in the backcountry. Including a look into what makes a good riding partner. What  [ Read More ]
In case you weren’t able to join us (or if you wanted to revisit part of the conversation), you can watch Forecaster Chat #3 here. A big thank you goes out to Karl Birkeland, director of the National Avalanche Center, to join us for a discussion involving the North American Avalanche Danger Scale, the process  [ Read More ]
If you missed our live Zoom CNFAIC Forecaster Chat with forecaster Aleph Johnston-Bloom on Dec 15th,  check the recording out on the link below! Big thank you to Allie Barker and Jed Workman from Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center for being guest stars and sharing great info and discussion. Recorded Version is HERE!!! What’s included: What to  [ Read More ]