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Exciting news! A new avalanche specialist position has just been created for the Anchorage area mountains. This is a combined effort by the Chugach State Park and Friends of the  [ Read More ]
Big changes are on the horizon for the Chugach NF Avalanche Center. Up to two new avalanche specialists are being hired to assist with avalanche forecasting and outreach for the  [ Read More ]
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Apr 6, 2023
We’re looking for your input! We’ve made some changes to the forecast this year, and we are curious to hear how well it has worked for everybody. Specifically, you may  [ Read More ]
ECTP29? PST 45/100 end? CT13? What does it all mean? For some time now we’ve been wanting to create a ‘cheat sheet’ for those unfamiliar, or may want a little  [ Read More ]
The problem rose is a new addition to our forecasts this season. Many avalanche centers in the lower 48 have been using this tool for a while now, and we  [ Read More ]