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Skiing, snowboarding, snowmachining, hiking, walking, and all other methods of travel or recreation on snow are dangerous and a potential hazard to personal safety. Each person who ventures onto snow is responsible for his or her own safety. Many snow travelers find that education, information, and experience can increase their safety when they are on snow. The public observations reported on this site may appear to offer information about the safety of traveling or recreating on snow, but it is critical to remember that such observations are not evaluated or edited for accuracy and represent the subjective experience of the author.

Individuals may have widely differing perceptions, for a given location, date, and time, of the safety of traveling or recreating on snow, of avalanche hazards, and of skiing or snowboarding conditions. The hazards and conditions reported in an observation can change rapidly. In addition, individuals can differ greatly in both their perception of objective hazards and their acceptance of the risk to personal safety of these hazards.

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PhotosDateLocationAvalanche?General Observations
1519054080February 19, 2018 3:28pmHatcher Pass - Bennett RidgeToured from Independence mine up to Bennett Ridge.
1519054080February 19, 2018 3:28pmHatcher Pass - Friendship PassYesOur group skinned up from the Independence Mine reaching Friendship Pass at around 1pm. We skied two laps on the Southeastern and Southern aspects of the main bowl leading to the pass. We did observe …
1519053480February 19, 2018 3:18pmHatcher Pass - EldoradoToured from Independence mine up to Eldorado up tradition skin track. Group of 6. Alaska Avalanche Level 2 class.
1518971820February 18, 2018 4:37pmHatcher Pass - sub-ridge $1000 bowlFrom HP side of road toured up road, crossed to the west at 3100 ft and followed subridge up ridge of hatch peak.
1518968220February 18, 2018 3:37pmHatcher Pass - Government peak ridgeYesSkinned up groomer and gained Gov Peak ridge north end.
1518962400February 18, 2018 2:00pmHatcher Pass - Rock GardenTour towards Pinnacle gaining elevation 4200ft before turning around with low visibility.
1518960540February 18, 2018 1:29pmHatcher Pass - Microdot 4300' SW AspectToured from Independence mine up the low angle SW ridge of Microdot.
1518892800February 17, 2018 6:40pmHatcher Pass - April BowlYes
1518885780February 17, 2018 4:43pmHatcher Pass - Government Peak GladesGained government peak ridge up through the glades (a little bush whacking) Skied East facing bowl above glades
1518876000February 17, 2018 2:00pmHatcher Pass - Birthday PassSouth aspects: Numerous dry loose avalanches size D1/R2-3. During touring experienced a significant whumpf. Variability of stability test results at various Level 2 Students snow pits.
1518813780February 16, 2018 8:43pmHatcher Pass - Yestook pics from road
1518796800February 16, 2018 4:00pmHatcher Pass - MarmotYesLookers left avy skier triggered at 4:30pm, lookers right avy rider triggered midday.
1518726480February 15, 2018 8:28pmHatcher Pass - SW aspectGroup of 3 skiing on Stair stepper observed natural D2+ avalanche at ~ 2:30 pm.
1518710400February 15, 2018 4:00pmHatcher Pass - YesIndependence Mine to Microdot
1518625500February 14, 2018 4:25pmHatcher Pass - MicrodotAfter making it up the near impassable road in the Forester, we toured from the Independence Parking lot to the ridge below the first bench of Microdot. The visibility was poor, but the skiing was gre …
1518537600February 13, 2018 4:00pmHatcher Pass - Peak 4068', South AspectYesIn the Skeetawk parking area, a returning party alerted us to an avalanche they had triggered on the south aspect of Peak 4068 Tuesday afternoon. They estimated the slope angle to be around 30 degrees …
1518534000February 13, 2018 3:00pmHatcher Pass - 4068YesStandard approach to 4068, skinned up low angle S/SE ridge. All parties members felt numerous whumpfing. No significant natural avalanche activity noted.
1518532200February 13, 2018 2:30pmHatcher Pass - 4068 from frostbite ridge.Yesobserved a skier triggered avalanche on the south face of 4068' from near the top of frostbite ridge. Skier was able to move out of slide path in time.
1518530400February 13, 2018 2:00pmHatcher Pass - Hatch Peak/ridge area - SSE Aspecttoured from lot just below fishhook lot up $1000 Run to Hatch Peak ridge. Skied east down ridge and dropped into southern aspect slope.
1518526800February 13, 2018 1:00pmHatcher Pass - MicrodotToured up the lower part of $1000 Run and dug a quick pit. About 18" storm snow on top of wind board which sits over nearly meter of faceted snow. Only got an ECTN at the new/old snow interface. Seems …
1517760000February 4, 2018 4:00pmHatcher Pass - Below Snowbird MineYesOn the Bomber Traverse route, our party observed highly variable, wind-affected snow. Slopes from Gold Mint parking lot to Mint Hut were primarily scoured, with small, unconnected, cross-loaded pocket …
1517670600February 3, 2018 3:10pmHatcher Pass - Marmot, South RidgeYesThis was an avalanche reported to HPAC today by a person who interviewed the party who triggered the avalanche
1517666400February 3, 2018 2:00pmHatcher Pass - Eldorado low slope roll
1517662800February 3, 2018 1:00pmHatcher Pass - Approach to Rae WallaceLevel I NSP class. Parking lot up to Rae Wallace bowl. Wind slabs very reactive in tests.
1517659200February 3, 2018 12:00pmHatcher Pass - Gold Mint Trail, Mile 5-6YesTwo small D1 wind slab avalanches on cross loaded east facing slopes. Widespread cross loading on west facing slopes. Was very difficulty to tell wind slabs from sastrugi, as even some of the cross lo …
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